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Here’s Why You Should Choose To Buy An Apartment in OMR

Choosing a property in a great location is frequently an accepted standard for a house purchase. A better location would result in a higher return on your investment. Some people prefer apartments, while others prefer independent houses. Typically, the sky-high prices of properties in metro areas compel most homebuyers to consider apartments as their preferred option. These are slightly less expensive than independent property, such as a villa or a collection of floors built on a plot. The real estate sector in Chennai has been rapidly expanding as the city’s economy has grown. This has resulted in the development of numerous residential complexes and hubs throughout the city, with one of the most popular residential centers in OMR.

OMR is home to many large IT and corporate companies, so there is a high demand for homes in this area. The stretch developed as a designated IT corridor is India’s second-largest information technology exporter. The region’s growth has fueled real estate operations and made it preferable. This neighborhood provides numerous options, such as luxury homes, affordable housing, and apartments for all needs and necessities that meet world-class standards. 

Here are nine reasons why you should buy flats in OMR.

Price point

Compared to other areas in Chennai, OMR provides affordable rates based on consumer needs. If you intend to purchase a simple 2 BHK condo or even a luxury villa, the prices are lower than in the city’s other major areas. Also, with this price point, you’ll get advantages like Swimming pools, playgrounds, supermarkets, and other amenities available in OMR residential hubs. There are also numerous community activities within the hubs. So pick the one that is best suited to your requirements.

IT Hub

OMR is known as Chennai’s IT hub as several large IT firms are present in this area, which has led to the development of real estate in that area. There will be many more companies in the future than there are now, giving rise to apartments for sale in OMR.


The main advantage of investing in apartments in OMR is that people can easily travel to any area around Chennai without difficulty. In OMR, connectivity has been widely developed.

Infrastructure Advancement

We can proudly say that OMR is one of Chennai’s most developed areas. In that region, the main lanes are extensive and urbanized, and the interior roads are broad and well maintained.

A wise investment

When we think about it, purchasing a new flat in OMR is an excellent long-term investment. Because of its IT sector, this area is gradually becoming commercial, and people are moving into homes.


Because OMR is located away from the central city, there is less noise and air pollution than in other areas, and there are many trees and green coverage in the residential area, making it a healthy place to live.

Landscapes of Serenity

After a long day at work, imagine returning to a traffic-free, pollution-free environment with clean air. That is exactly what OMR provides. Furthermore, it is not far from East Coast Road, which has a scenic coastline with breathtaking sea views. ECR is currently well connected to OMR via some link roads. Two more link roads are also planned for Neelangarai and Pallavakkam, improving connectivity with ECR and other parts of the city.

Opulent amenities

The new flat in OMR is brimming with properties having the amenities that one would want in their dream home. The flats provide a center of the community and feature a multi-level grand courtyard with a swimming pool, clubhouse, lush podium garden area, and apartments overlooking the greenery. 

Excellent Investment Possibility

The new flat in OMR has become an appealing investment option for multinational corporations, real estate developers, home buyers, and investors due to its proximity and available infrastructure.

Over the last five years, OMR has seen a capital appreciation of approximately 50% and a 21% increase in property value. According to real estate experts, 1 acre of OMR land that cost Rs 75 lakh-1 crore in 2010 now costs more than three times that amount.


It is expected that OMR will be fully developed within the next few years, and the state government is encouraging more developers to invest in this area.  Purchasing a property at OMR will ensure that your property’s value will skyrocket in the next ten years. As a result, even if you do not intend to move in immediately, it is an excellent investment opportunity. To summarise, putting money into an apartment in OMR is a wise and long-term decision.


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