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How Can First-Time Home Buyers Save Money?

The most expensive purchase for Indians with average incomes is an apartment or a plot in a metro city. Prior to the Indian government’s lenient house lending regulations, the majority of families had to wait years to purchase a home. Buying a house requires careful preparation and close attention to detail, just like any other task. Most importantly, you need to manage your money well. Ignoring a few straightforward tips, can frequently result in unnecessary expenditures on your assets, for instance, if you’re looking to get Flats near OMR.  In this post, some first-time homebuyer money-saving advice is covered.

Create a budget

Prior to choosing a property based on its elegant features and appealing exterior, you should have a budget in mind. Both the down payment and the EMIs must be covered by your monthly income and savings, respectively. When purchasing apartments in chennai or flats near OMR, you should carefully assess your family’s income and spending before submitting an application for a home loan. Additionally, be ready for the worst-case scenario, such as job loss. Keep in mind that your mortgage shouldn’t end up in default.

Refrain from bidding wars

It’s a great idea to buy a house at auction since you can sometimes get a great offer. To win a bidding war, though, you shouldn’t act irrationally, unless you want to run the risk of going over budget. As a result, you should determine your price range for a certain house before going to a real estate auction. You should buy a house that has been on the market for a long time rather than one that is up for auction since the price is simpler to negotiate.


A price reduction while purchasing Flats near OMR can always be obtained through negotiation. Although most first-time purchasers in the real estate market find it challenging, you can at least try to bargain the price. But it doesn’t hurt to ask for a discount. To get a good price, you should first thoroughly inspect the property before approaching the property dealer.

Avoid comparing yourself to others

When buying a property, such as new flats in Omr, the majority of customers get caught in a cycle of comparison and despair. Most of the time, we try to purchase a home that will increase our social status among many of our family members, friends, and coworkers. Instead, we overextend ourselves with a higher mortgage in an effort to win this race. Consider how try to remain within your budget will benefit you rather than obsessing over getting a bigger house than a friend or family.

Purchase a home with your spouse

If you purchase a home with your spouse, you can save a lot of money on stamp duty. Furthermore, buying a house jointly has some legal and fiscal benefits. Co-owners of property investment who are women are eligible to deduct up to Rs. 1.5 lakh in interest. Furthermore, when partners take out mortgage loans, joint ownership may be favourable. They can each claim a tax deduction for the loan interest they paid as a result.


If you’re not familiar with the term, downsizing refers to limiting your expenses by trying to cutting down unnecessary expenses. People frequently think about temporarily cutting back until they accomplish a certain financial objective.

Before submitting an offer on the house, you may downsize by moving into a smaller apartment or selling your automobile. Although it’s not for everyone, downsizing is a wonderful method to move to a better place. It’s an alternative for people who want to move into their ideal home as soon as possible if selling your car won’t interfere with your life and you’ve been thinking about it for some time. Downsizing may also allow you to purchase the dream home that is now out of your price range.


The money you save by adhering to the recommendations might make it simple for you to make these additional payments. These were beneficial suggestions for cutting costs while buying your first house Eg.apartments in OMR, Chennai. We advise that you carefully adhere to these instructions. Additionally, you shouldn’t compromise the neighborhood’s quality or the building of your property in order to save money. Finally, we advise you to make a thoughtful decision about your loan repayment strategy. Long-term costs of a long-term mortgage agreement are higher than those of a short-term mortgage programme.


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